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These website terms and conditions apply to all the websites owned or operated by Isogai Fastener Ind.Co.,Ltd. (hereinafter, referred to as "Company"). Any persons who access the Company's website (hereinafter referred to as the "Site"), shall read the following terms of use. Please agree and accept that the terms of use listed below may change without notice.

Warranty / Limitation of Liability

Use of this Site shall be made at the user's own risk. Information on this Site has been carefully prepared and managed; however, the Company does not guarantee the accuracy, usefulness, completeness, etc. of that information. The Company bears no responsibility for any damages incurred from use of that information or from inability to use that information.

The Company may alter all or part of the information on this Site without prior notice. Furthermore, the Company may suspend or halt operation of this Site.

Furthermore, the Company may suspend or halt operation of this Site.

The Company bears no responsibility for any damages incurred from use of information acquired from third-party websites linked to from this Site or from third-party websites that link to this Site.

The Company bears no responsibility for any damages incurred from use of information acquired

Users may be unable to use this Site as intended depending on their communications or computer environment, or for other reasons.


The copyrights of materials (documents, photographs, illustrations, animations, sounds, software, etc.) on this Site are the possession of the Company or other third parties and are protected by the Copyright Act as well as other laws and agreements. Excluding the extent of quotation and reproduction for private use that is approved in the Copyright Act, without the consent of the party owning the copyright, the reproduction, adaptation or public transmission of copyrighted material is prohibited.

The Company's products and service names that are on this Site are trademarks or registered trademarks of the Company.


If a link to this site is desired, permission must be obtained from Company prior to placing the link. We reserve the right to withhold or withdraw permission if it is determined that such a link would not be in the best interest or opposes the intention of this Company or for any other reason.

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For the browser, we recommend using Internet Explorer 8/9, Firefox 4/5, Safari 5.1, or Chrome 13.

For any web contents in PDF and Flash in our website, we recommend using the following software.

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Some pages on this Site utilize JavaScript for more convenient use. If you have disabled JavaScript on your browser, some functions may not work correctly or may be displayed incorrectly. We recommend that you turn on JavaScript on your browser when using this Site.


The Company may use cookies to enable more convenient browsing when users revisit the Site. Cookies are pieces of data that is transmitted from the Site to the user's browser and stored on the user's computer. However, information that may identify individual users such as name, address, telephone number, postal code and e-mail addresses are not among the information stored. Cookies do not have any adverse effect on the user's computer.

The user may change the browser settings to refuse to accept cookies. Doing so will not have any adverse effect on viewing this Site. Please inquire with the manufacturer of the browser for setting instructions.

Uses of Personal Information

Purposes of uses of personal information

The Company will use personal information provided by individual (hereinafter, referred to as "Individual") who contacted “Company” for the purposes listed below.

  • To provide products, support for maintenance and check-ups and to answer inquiries and requests to the Individual.
  • To provide information on products, company and services (catalogues, newsletter, new product information etc.) to the Individual.
  • To contact the Individual for providing information on tradeshows, seminars, conference and other events.
  • To contact the Individual for building/maintaining good business relationships.
  • To provide information for recruiting and contact candidates.
  • To employ and assign the Individual to a business department.
  • To use for the purposes approved by laws and regulations related to the protection of personal information.

Providing Personal Information to Third Parties

The Company will not provide an individual’s personal information to any third party except for the purposes listed below.

  • When the Company obtained the consent of the Individual in advance.
  • When the Company provides to their business partners, such as subcontractors and sales agencies under our company's appropriate supervision for the purpose of achieving purpose of the use.
  • When it is stipulated by the provisions of the Personal Information Protection Law.

Safe management of Personal Information

The Company takes appropriate and necessary measures for preventing the disclosure, loss or destruction of the personal information that it handles and for otherwise safely managing the information.

Request for Personal Information

The Company will promptly comply the following requests from an individual, except when prescribed otherwise by law.

  • Disclosure of the individual’s personal information
  • Correction, addition or elimination of the individual’s personal information
  • Suspension or cancellation of the use of the individual’s personal information
  • Notification of the use of the individual’s personal information
  • Complaint or consultation about personal information

Contact for Inquiries

Please direct any inquiries about this policy to the address below.

Isogai Fastener Industries Co.,Ltd. General affair & accounting dept.
Tel 81-3-3603-6111
*Available form 9:00am-17:00pm on weekdays

About the use of the Site

Use of access log

Access log data, including IP addresses of the Individual who visits the Site is recorded. This data shall be used by the Company to understand conditions of website usage and to handle/investigate technical troubles, but will not be used for identify the Individual unless it is considered to be necessary to protect the Company’s right, property, service etc.


Site Policy/Privacy Policy may be revised so it is recommended to visit the Site regularly.