Corporate History

October 1953 Established as Isogai Engineering
October 1957 Reorganized as Isogai Fastener Industries Co.,Ltd.
January 1970 International Trade Department established (beginning of export and import)
July 1972 Product assembly started (SEMS screws)
July 1974 Japan industrial Standards display-approved plant specification received
October 1976 Affiliated WIT Corporation established (overseas trading)
January 1979 Received license for and began producing TAPTITE screw,
a patented product of Continental Screws (USA)
December 1981 Received license for and began producing LH stick
October 1988 Built Ibaraki Plant in Tamari-Mura (now: Omitama-shi), Ibaraki Pref.
October 1997 Built new headquarters building,
expanded automatic 3-D warehouse to strengthen product control system
May 2000 Established subsidiary PT.ISOGAI INDONESIA in Indonesia
November 2000 Achieved ISO9002:1994 certification
November 2003 Achieved ISO9001:2000 certification
September 2006 Achieved ISO14001:2004 certification
September 2009 Achieved ISO9001:2008 certification
December 2012 Established subsidiary PT SANAC ISOGAI GLOBAL SUPPLY in Indonesia
September 2014 Take over Tagawa Plant from Teikoku Electric Co., Ltd.
September 2018 Headquarter and Ibaraki Plant Achieved ISO9001/14001:2015 certification
September 2019 Tagawa Plant achieved ISO9001/14001:2015 certification