Quality / Environmental Policy


Customer satisfaction
ISOGAI aims to create relationships of trust that spring from quality. ISOAGI also works hard to respond to the continuously changing needs of customers, by working together as a team in which every employee is a player.
Employees’ well-being
We look out for the “Well-being of employees” by consciously creating good products, and by achieving a high level of efficiency that eases the mind and promotes stability.
Contribution to society
We “contribute to society” by proudly and self-confidently creating screws that all industries rely on.

Environmental Policy

Our company, becomes as a responsible member of society in which declares a protection of environment on earth as an important subject, positively contributes to the subject throughout the productions of the screws and its related products.

By an enforcement of the activities of environmental protection, we obey the following articles;

  • We set a “policy of environmental protection” as a goal, which must be achieved under our technical, and economical circumstances, to decrease, and to cut the defects of environment, which occurred in our activities, products (include all the goods in use), and services, which found out by our investigations, and evaluations.
  • We establish and keep our “environmental management system” which controls a draft and an enforcement of a plan for environmental improvement, and also to reexamine and evaluate the result of the plan, for the preventions of environmental pollutions, by recognizing the environmental views of our activities, products, and services.
  • We own laws for industrial wastes, laws for recycling procedures, and some other compliances, which all must be obeyed. Under the conditions, we positively and independently settle actions for environmental protection, even harder.
  • We endeavor the necessarily educations and training to out employees to become as well – understood, and be able to take actions for environmental protection.
  • We positively promote following articles;
    1. Practical use of natural resources (all materials in use, gas oil, light oil etc.)
    2. Promoting recycle of paper resources
    3. Promoting energy conservation
    4. Reducing industrial waste
    5. Reducing environmental load substance