Recess - QuaStix

We are introducing additional recess design naming it the “QuaStix” to our LHSTIX series. Retaining the consistency from the original LHSTIX fastening concept, both “No Cam-Out” and "Maximum Torque Transmission” features remain intact while giving option of using a conventional cross recess driving tool when QuaStix driving tool is not available. QuaStix will deliver three key elements that will ensure the highest efficiency in the fastening system.


No Cam-Out
Constructed by circles which totally eliminate cam-out tendency
Excellent torque transmission
Driving angle is set at 0 (zero) degree
Positive driving tool engagement tapered angle creates positive tool engagement
Longer tool life
Width of the wing dimension is wider
Conventional PH (cross recess) driving tools can be used
Conventional PH (cross recess) driving tools can be used in case special tools are not readily available


  • You have a trouble with cross recess
  • You are looking for better work efficiency